Uncategorized | 11th Sep, 2018

Make calls for clean energy

Get on the phone to connect with voters in key areas and talk about what's at stake this election.

Sign up to make calls from home and talk to people about clean energy and our climate. We’ll provide you with a calling guide with a handy script. Sign up and we’ll provide you with everything you need to have powerful conversations with voters in key areas.

Then all you need is a phone, a comfy couch and a cup of tea!

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Making phone calls to protect clean energy is really important! And with our cool new dialing tool, it is really easy too!

All you have to do is dial a number, punch in a campaign code, and you’ll be connected to a voter in a key area. We’ve got an easy script to follow and a conversation guide so you won’t be caught short.

And we’ll pay for the cost of the call too.

You can do it solo from your comfy lounge room couch or get your friends together for a calling party.

We’ve got lots of calling parties already planned, so you can join one of these too.

We’ve made thousands of calls so far and the overwhelming response is that people want to talk – they’re sick of politics as usual, but they care about clean energy and want to make an informed choice this election.