Media Releases | 23rd Oct, 2018

Victoria’s energy revolution continues as first big battery unveiled in Ballarat

Victoria’s first big battery was unveiled in Ballarat this morning, signalling the next stage of Victoria’s renewable energy boom, said Environment Victoria today.

Big battery storage allows energy from wind and solar farms to be stored so it can be used when we need it most. Ballarat’s big battery will provide power for over 20,000 homes for an hour in times of peak demand.

“Large-scale energy storage is a vital step to set us on the path to one hundred percent clean, efficient, low cost energy,” said Dean Rizzetti, Public Policy and Advocacy Manager at Environment Victoria.

“Batteries and renewable energy go hand-in-hand. This is the next logical step in the process of cleaning up Victoria’s power grid.

“Together, renewables and energy storage will guarantee the future Victorians want – a low emissions, on-demand, clean energy future.

“With less than five weeks until the Victorian election, it is time for all political parties to show their commitment to modernising our grid by committing to an energy storage target of at least 500 MW by 2025.

“We have seen the value of setting targets in driving the roll-out of renewable energy. A target for energy storage helps send a clear signal to industry and manufacturers that they should invest in Victoria.

“The actions of the Victorian government stand in stark contrast to chaos in Canberra. Today the Morrison government has said they’re welcoming bids to build new coal-fired power stations, which would be disastrous for our climate and lock-in high energy prices.

“Polluting and inflexible coal generators have no place in Australia’s energy system. The future is with clean renewables backed up by energy storage.

“Victorians know what is at stake this November and will be using their votes and their voices to support parties who stand up for cheap, clean energy that gives Victoria a more prosperous future and a safer climate,” said Mr Rizzetti.

Dean Rizetti, Environment Victoria  Public Policy and Advocacy Manager
Phone: 0466 310 377

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