Media Releases | 3rd Nov, 2018

Young people voting to stop their future melting

This Saturday, young Victorians will be encouraging their peers to enrol to vote ahead of electoral roll closure on Tuesday 6 November by taking their “Mr Votey” ice cream van on a road trip across Melbourne.

The road trip is spearheaded by Environment Victoria and YOUNG, who have already enrolled nearly 800 young people in marginal electorates, and are aiming for 1000 by close of rolls. Margins in the four sandbelt seats remain tight with the number of unenrolled 18-24 year olds being greater than the votes needed to change the outcome.

Environment Victoria and YOUNG want to make sure young people know just how powerful their vote will be this election and make sure they get their chance to have their say.

“Young people are demanding representation in politics. This election we’ll be voting to make sure action is taken on issues that matter to us like education and climate change,” said Alex Fuller, who will be voting for the first time in the Victorian election.

“Young people’s concerns are often not taken seriously enough by politicians. They underestimate our knowledge, maturity and concern about issues that will affect us and our future.

“One of the biggest issues facing my generation is climate change. It will not only destroy our environment but also directly affect our health, housing prices, food prices, and job opportunities.

“Not only are young voters politically engaged, we’re a force to be reckoned with. We refuse to be shut out of our political system by people who ignore what matters most to us.

“Victoria’s youth vote is powerful, and we’re here to make sure every young person gets to have their say this election,” said Ms Fuller.

Cat Nadel, co-founder of YOUNG and climate campaigner at Environment Victoria, couldn’t agree more.

“Young people are politically engaged and active on the issues they care about, and right now what they care about is climate change,” said Ms Nadel.

“Ninety-seven percent of young people in Victoria agree that climate change needs urgent action. This election they will be using their voices and votes to demand climate action.

“Politics often ignores the power of young voters, and this Victorian election Matthew Guy and Daniel Andrews will do so at their peril,” said Ms Nadel.

Environment Victoria, YOUNG, AYCC and the Young Workers Centre will be holding a press conference in front of the “Mr Votey” ice-cream van at 10.30am on Saturday 3 November at Treasury Place Gardens (Lansdowne Street, between Wellington Parade and St Andrews Place)

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