Media Releases | 7th Nov, 2018

Matthew Guy confronted on blatant disregard for climate crisis

Today Environment Victoria supporters in North East Melbourne will deliver Matthew Guy a copy of the IPCC “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C” to confront him about the Victorian Liberals lack of climate change policy.

Currently the Victorian Liberal Party has no plan to cut Victoria’s climate pollution, no plan to protect Victorians from the impacts of climate change, and no Shadow Climate Change Minister.

“We’re here because we refuse to let the Victorian Liberals ignore climate change for any longer,” said local campaigner Giuseppe Scelsi from Repower NorthEast.

“Burying your head in the sand when facing a threat is not the response of a responsible leader.

“The climate change emergency is my biggest concern this election. I want a government who has an ambitious plan to cut Victoria’s climate pollution and understands the threat climate change inaction poses to our state.

Burying your head in the sand when facing a threat is not the response of a responsible leader.Click To Tweet

“Matthew Guy has said he would scrap the Victorian Renewable Energy Target if elected. This is not only environmentally reckless, but it will drive up power prices and cost thousands of regional jobs.

“Everyone loses if we have a government with no plan to address climate change.

“Matthew Guy has less than three weeks to try to undo four years of Liberal attacks on climate and on clean energy policy. We’ll be eagerly waiting to see if he takes action,” said Mr Scelsi.

Environment Victoria’s Climate Campaigner Cat Nadel agreed.

“With no climate policy, Matthew Guy and the Victorian Liberal Party have no plan to respond to one of the biggest challenges facing our state”, said Ms Nadel.

“Without action to cut pollution, climate change will destroy our environment, have terrible impacts on our health and wellbeing, and push up housing, food, and electricity costs.

“The Victorian Liberals have voted against stronger climate laws, consistently objected to plans to increase renewable energy and vowed to keep polluting coal power stations open as long as possible.

“Credible climate policy is crucial to any political party’s ability and right to govern. We’re here to remind Mr Guy that going to the polls without a credible climate policy is guaranteed to cost him votes,” said Ms Nadel.

Catherine Nadel, Environment Victoria Climate Campaigner
Phone: 0418 375 905

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