Reports | 29th Apr, 2019

Briefing paper on AGL's Crib Point gas import terminal

A disaster for Westernport Bay and our climate

AGL is proposing to build a 290-metre floating gas import terminal at Crib Point in Victoria’s Westernport Bay. While this proposed gas terminal might help boost AGL’s massive profits, it risks damaging the incredible local environment, including internationally important wetlands, would lock in high international gas prices and increase Victoria’s climate pollution.

This briefer details the significant issues with this dirty project as well as the solutions and alternatives. (Scroll down to read the report or click the button to download)

5 key problems with AGL’s Crib Point gas import terminal

  1. It is deeply unpopular and has no social license from the local community
  2. Australia has plenty of gas
  3. It could permanently lock in high international gas proces
  4. It will increase climate pollution
  5. It threatens Westernport Bay marine life and local ecosystems including Ramsar-listed wetlands
5 steps we need to take

  1. Stop AGL’s destructive gas import terminal from going ahead
  2. Enforce safeguards to secure domestic gas supply
  3. Reduce gas demand and help gas users save money by improving efficiency
  4. Support households and industry to switch from gas to renewable-powered electricity
  5. Get on with Australia’s transition from fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy