Media Releases | 27th May, 2019

State budget delivers a climate and clean energy win

Environment Victoria has welcomed today’s State Budget, saying that it shows the Andrews government is serious about growing jobs and investment in renewables and leading Victoria into a clean energy future.

Major features of today’s State budget include an average of $130 million per year for the first four years of the Solar Homes program, and $34.9 million for immediate measures to strengthen the Victorian recycling industry.

“We are pleased to see the Andrews government honouring its commitment to ensuring all Victorians benefit from growing renewable energy investment and jobs in our State,” said Jono La Nauze, CEO of Environment Victoria.

“To ensure Victoria remains a leader on climate action and continues to create thousands of jobs, our government must meet the investment targets promised during last year’s election campaign. And they are doing just that.

“We look forward to working closely with the Andrews government to ensure they continue aiming even higher when it comes to our environment, climate and clean energy,” said Mr La Nauze.


“It is fantastic to see the Andrews government is committed to delivering on the $1.3 billion

Solar Homes project for Victorians as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“The Solar Homes program has been incredibly popular. Victorians love solar, they know it’s good for the environment and their wallets.


“This is a much needed first step to getting our recycling system back on track.

“What we need now is for the Andrews government to use its Circular Economy policy to transform the way we produce, consume and reuse materials in Victoria.”


“We would like to see a clear commitment from the Andrews government that the work of the Latrobe Valley Authority will continue beyond the end of the 19/20 financial year, with secure funding and legislative backing.

“The Latrobe Valley Authority has already funded 136 community projects across the region and supported 1,430 workers and their families through the Worker Transition Service.

“There are three more polluting coal fired power stations in the Valley that the community knows will be phased out in the near future. The Latrobe Valley Authority is a vital part of ensuring there is a sustainable economic future for the Valley, with nobody left behind.


“The Andrews government needs to make clear when the next VRET auction will take place.

“Our government must ensure we don’t return to the boom-bust cycles that have crippled the clean energy industry thanks to attacks by the coal lobby.


“With so many positive steps forward, it is disappointing to see the Andrews government continuing the $43 million Victorian Gas Program, locking Victorian households and businesses into using a dirty and expensive energy resource.

“This money would be better spent on programs to reduce gas consumption. This kind of investment would cut energy bills, reduce climate pollution and save Victorian homes and businesses millions of dollars every year.

Jono La Nauze, Environment Victoria CEO

Mobile: 0402 904 251

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