Media Releases | 25th Jun, 2019

Media response: Possible early closure of Yallourn power station

The front page of today’s Herald Sun reports Yallourn power station could close much sooner than its scheduled 2032 retirement.

Comment from Environment Victoria Campaigns Manager Dr Nicholas Aberle:

“Yallourn power station is the dirtiest in the country and one of the most unreliable. It is responsible for around 15% of Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“If we intend to do anything about the climate crisis facing us, Yallourn and other coal-burning power stations like it will need to close much sooner than currently anticipated.

“The key now is to ensure we are building enough renewable energy and storage capacity to replace Yallourn’s output before it closes, and to scale up efforts to create new sustainable jobs in the Latrobe Valley.”

Dr Nicholas Aberle, Environment Victoria Campaigns Manager

Mobile: 0402 512 121


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