Media Releases | 28th Aug, 2019

More solar homes sooner is a welcome step

Changes to the Solar Homes program announced this morning are a welcome amendment to the scheme, Environment Victoria said today.

“Solar Homes is a flagship program in Victoria’s energy transition,” said Environment Victoria Campaigns Manager Dr Nicholas Aberle.

“We’re pleased the necessary tweaks have been made to ensure Solar Homes is helping as many people as possible get solar panels on their homes as quickly as possible.”

Key changes announced today include an increase in the number of rebates this financial year from 42,000 to 65,000, consistent with a target of 650,000 over the ten years of the program.

The rebate releases have been moved from monthly to fortnightly, and there will be a boost in rebates for September to help relieve pent-up demand. The online application process is also being streamlined.

“Rooftop solar plays a key role in reducing strain on the electricity grid at peak times. The more solar we have, the better the grid will cope during summer heatwaves,” said Dr Aberle.

“More solar installations sooner means we are getting more clean, renewable energy into the system ahead of the coming retirement of Victoria’s polluting coal power stations. This is a good thing for people’s energy independence, their power bills, and the climate.

“Implementing such a large rebate scheme will always involve teething issues. We look forward to continuing to work with the government to ensure Solar Homes is a success, including through a growing connection to improved household energy efficiency.”


Dr Nicholas Aberle, Environment Victoria Campaigns Manager
Office: (03) 9341 8112 Mobile: 0402 512 121

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