Media Releases | 17th Oct, 2019

Labor says there’s a climate emergency - Victoria must do better than 50% renewable energy by 2030

As the Andrews government passed its Victorian Renewable Energy Target legislation through the upper house today, Environment Victoria is warning the state needs to aim much higher than 50% renewables by 2030.

“Whilst Dan Andrews’ 50% renewable energy pledge looked impressive compared to the Liberals election promise to scrap the target altogether, 50% is already looking outdated,” said Environment Victoria CEO Jono La Nauze.

“Just this week federal Labor declared a climate emergency. With Victoria’s aging and unreliable coal clunkers responsible for 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions, we need to move much faster to replace them.

“To reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement, Climate Analytics has found that OECD countries like Australia should have phased out coal by 2030. The target we need is 100% renewable energy, not 50%.

“The Victorian government’s own analysis has shown that 50% by 2030 represents a significant slowdown in the construction of new large-scale renewable energy projects.

“The last thing the renewables industry needs is a slowdown. A higher target would cut emissions, keep investment flowing into the state and protect jobs in regional areas already hit by drought.

“At the very least, the Andrews government should announce another round of VRET auctions. The first round of auctions was a huge success.

“Whilst he is doing a lot better than the federal government’s appalling attempts to kill off our booming renewables industry, if Dan Andrews is going to walk the walk on the climate crisis and safeguard jobs in the local renewables industry, he should be aiming much higher than 50% renewables.”

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