Reports | 16th Dec, 2019

Victorian market readiness to support the retirement of Yallourn power station by 2023

New research shows clean energy solutions can replace Yallourn, Australia’s dirtiest power station, in three years. But we need to start right now. 

We commissioned leading energy analysts Reputex to come up with a scenario where clean energy solutions can replace the output of Yallourn power station in three years.

The research shows we can get all the clean energy and storage we need to replace Yallourn by 2023 from projects already proposed, along with smart energy solutions like demand management, virtual power plants of rooftop solar and home batteries to smooth out the closure of this coal clunker, and improving connections between power grids in Victoria and other states. This would cut pollution, bring new jobs and investment to Victoria, make our energy more reliable and keep power prices down.

Read the report below or download it here.