News | 5th Feb, 2020

Ensuring all rental homes are safe and healthy

Members of the One Million Homes alliance, a broad collection of community, business and environment groups, have come together to call for the Victorian Government to set strong minimum energy performance standards for rental homes. All rental homes should be safe, healthy and affordable to run.

Strong minimum standards are required to ensure that rental homes are safe and protect people from the elements. Many rental homes are little better than glorified tents – dangerously hot in summer and freezing in winter.

The rental reform package proposes standards for heaters, low-flow showerheads and dishwashers. The standard should also include minimum standards for insulation, draught-proofing, lighting and hot water units. We strongly urge the government to set minimum standards for insulation and draught-proofing. And we believe a four star requirement for heaters would impose minimal additional burden on heating manufacturers and on rental providers to make homes safe and comfortable.

Read our joint letter and Environment Victoria’s submission below or download them here