News | 9th Apr, 2020

Building Back Better: Post coronavirus economic recovery measures to cut emissions and improve environmental outcomes

The self-imposed economic slowdown, implemented as an essential measure to contain the spread of COVID-19, creates an opportunity to “build back better.”

The Andrews government can use the lockdown period and the following few months to accelerate economic activity that, over 1-2 years, helps deliver on other government commitments and that provides a range of environmental and climate-related co-benefits.

This document outlines many opportunities, covering:

  • Reducing energy bills through efficiency, electrification and renewables;
  • Modernising the energy grid, with a focus on accelerating the construction of new transmission lines;
  • Bushfire recovery, both community-based and ecological;
  • Environmental restoration, with a focus on habitat and landscape management;
  • Sustainability opportunities in urban environments, including through improvements to public and active transport options.

Download it here or read the document below.