News | 21st Jul, 2020

Putting jobs-rich climate solutions at the centre of Victoria’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Stimulus and reform opportunities for the Victorian Government

Public spending is more valuable if it also addresses other problems we face. Leading voices – from the World Economic Forum, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and International Energy Agency to presidents, CEOs and mayors – have been calling for governments at all levels to cut pollution while also boosting economic activity in response to the pandemic.

The Victorian Government should heed this call and place climate solutions at the centre of our plans for economic recovery from the pandemic.

The opportunities listed here draw on the findings of leading non-profit organisations, researchers, think tanks and experts. Across a range of sectors, we identify measures for immediate
stimulus impact as well as longer-term reform opportunities. Implemented together they will enable the Andrews government to make Victoria a leader in both economic recovery and climate action.

Download it here or read the document below.