Blog | 9th Feb, 2021

The final push for strong Victorian climate targets

After being delayed by COVID, Victoria’s crucial climate targets for 2025 and 2030 are back in the news and back on the Andrews government’s to-do list!

Victorian businesses are echoing our call for the Andrews government to lock in strong targets and a climate action plan for this decade. Now we’re told that after almost a year of Covid-induced delay, a decision could be just weeks away.

This is the most important decision on climate in Victoria for years to come.

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A year ago as we choked on bushfire smoke and looked back in horror at a devastating summer, your calls for strong targets and immediate action on the climate crisis were front of mind for Premier Andrews. Already we’ve seen:

  • 385 businesses signing on to our open letter calling for strong targets
  • 2 full-page ads in the Age, funded by your donations
  • 33 meetings and visits with state MPs
  • 300+ phone calls to the Premier
  • 2001 emails and personal messages to state MPs
  • 1008 personal messages to the Premier
  • Over 23,000 petition signatures

Now we need a huge final push to make sure the message that Victorians want strong climate targets for 2025 and 2030 is in front of Premier Andrews and his Cabinet right as they make a final decision.

The momentum for climate action continued to grow through 2020 – even as Covid swept the globe. The European Union, China and Japan have all upped their ambition for cutting climate pollution. The United Kingdom increased their 2030 commitment to at least 68% emissions reductions by 2030. And now Joe Biden is bringing the United States back to the table in a BIG way.

Premier Andrews can add to the global momentum – and show our national leaders what is required – by setting the 2025 and 2030 ambition for emissions cuts at a level that scientists say is needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate damage.

Scientific advice continues to point to the need for stronger and stronger emissions cuts. Just a week ago a new report from an independent group of Australia’s most senior climate scientists and policymakers showed that to be on track to meet the 1.5 degree objective of the Paris Agreement, Australia should hit 74% emissions cuts by 2030.

As Premier Andrews decides Victoria's climate targets, it’s time to remind him of what Victorians expect. Victoria must play our part and aim for emissions cuts of 75% or more by 2030.Click To Tweet

Let’s get strong emissions cuts locked in for Victoria!