Media Releases | 2nd May, 2021

Victorian climate targets match growing momentum but fall short of the science

The Andrews government has today released its overdue emissions reduction targets, aiming for 28-33% cuts by 2025 and a 45-50% cut by 2030. 

Environment Victoria CEO Jono La Nauze said today:

“Coming from the most emissions-intensive economy in the country, Victoria’s new climate targets pile even more pressure on the Morrison government to increase their pathetic target of only 26-28% emissions cuts by 2030.

“By announcing targets of 45-50% by 2030, Victoria has almost matched the recent US pledge of 50-52%, but the science is clear we need to act much faster. Judged against what we need to do to stop the climate crisis, these targets fall far short.

“US Climate Envoy John Kerry himself last week conceded that the US target of 50-52% cuts is not enough, and neither is Victoria’s target.

“The federal Coalition’s decade of sabotage and delay on climate has limited what can be achieved in the next decade here in Victoria, and for that they must be held accountable.

“This has to be the start of a decade in which climate action is an absolute top priority for the Victorian government. Every decision matters.

“The Victorian government must be aiming to smash these targets out of the park. Technology is constantly improving and momentum is constantly building. We can’t look back in 10 years and wish we’d done more. By then, it is too late.

“Based on the latest science, Victoria needed to set emissions reduction targets of 75% by 2030. That’s what was required for Victoria to do our fair share to meet the objectives of the international Paris Agreement on climate change and limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

“Since the government started this process back in 2018, we have consistently called for targets in at least the range 65-80%.

“As the unprecedented drought and bushfires in recent years have shown, Victoria is incredibly vulnerable to climate damage. For the past 20 years, observed temperatures and rainfall in Victoria have already been tracking against the worst climate projections. We have a lot to lose from the climate crisis.

“Victorians are already reaping the economic benefits of the Andrews government’s past climate action – more and more jobs in clean industries like renewable energy.

“We are now 18 months from a state election. If watching federal politics over the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that bipartisanship on climate matters. We call on the Victorian Liberal National party to commit to targets at least this high. We cannot afford the risk of going backwards again.”

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