Reports | 10th Jun, 2021

Submission: Energy Security Board's post-2025 market design options paper

We are rapidly running out of time to cut emissions by enough to avoid irreversible tipping points in the climate system. The next decade is critical, and leading advice suggests that developed countries should have phased out coal generation by 2030.

While we appreciate the technical challenges created by the rapid transition occurring in the energy market, we are concerned that some of the options being considered in the Energy Security Board’s (ESB) post-2025 market design process will serve to extend the lives of coal power stations (at public expense) — and therefore keep Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions higher than they might otherwise be.

We urge the ESB to ensure that whatever mechanisms are put in place to manage energy reliability concerns do not undermine the capacity of governments and corporates to aim for vitally important emissions outcomes.

Download the submission here or read the document below.