News | 3rd Sep, 2021

Submission to Gas Substitution Roadmap and Infrastructure Victoria interim report

Victoria is the largest consumer of residential gas in Australia and the largest consumer of domestic gas (excluding LNG exports), using 214 PJ per year.

This high level of gas consumption is problematic for several reasons (I) Gas is a polluting fuel and
contributes around 15.8% of Victoria’s total emissions; (II) Dwindling Victorian supply means that unless
we drastically reduce our consumption there is pressure to either approve environmentally damaging new gas extraction projects or import terminals in Victoria; and (III) Gas is an expensive fuel which is mostly burned in inefficient households appliances, increasing the risk for many Victorians to fall into energy poverty.

In light of this, Environment Victoria made the following key recommendations in our submissions to the Victorian Government’s Gas Substitution Roadmap and Infrastructure Victoria’s interim report on gas infrastructure.

  1. Set a trajectory to effectively transition away from gas in the shortest possible time.
  2. Take immediate advantage of mature and affordable technologies.
  3. Drive critical amendments to planning schemes and building codes.
  4. Support low-income households to transition away from gas.

You can read or download out full submission below.