Successes | 4th Sep, 2021

Launched the Action Network!

The Action Network empowers everyday Victorians to become local leaders and bring their community together to take coordinated action.

From holding our politicians to account to championing the local benefits of the shift to clean energy, Local Organisers in the Action Network work with the people around them to protect their environment and community.

We connect Local Organisers with each other and train and support them to grow the number of people engaged in their groups and in our shared campaigns. And during critical campaign moments, we come together to combine our voices and show our power.

In 2022 Environment Victoria’s Action Network recruited its first cohort of 10 Local Organisers in our key regions of the South-East, Ballarat and Gippsland. These amazing Local Organisers are leading the development of our new network and building people power for the long term in their communities.

You can see what is happening at our Action Network hub here.