Media Releases | 7th Sep, 2021

Matthew Guy Opposition urged to support renewables and climate action

Environment Victoria has urged the Victorian Liberal Nationals to continue their recent shift towards supporting renewable energy after Matthew Guy was re-elected Opposition Leader this morning.

“In recent months the Victorian Liberal Nationals have shown positive signs of backing the transition to renewable energy and recognising the need to cut climate pollution, and we hope that continues under Matthew Guy,” said Environment Victoria CEO Jono La Nauze.

“Returning to their previous position of attacking renewables and sabotaging action on climate change would be an electoral disaster.

“The Opposition went to the 2018 election with a plan to scrap the Victorian Renewable Energy Target and repeal Victoria’s climate laws, and they got thumped at the ballot box.

“In the last week they floated the idea of public funding for a 500 megawatt dirty coal or gas power station.

“In contrast, the Andrews government pledged to put solar on 700,000 homes and made it one of the main images on their how to vote card.

“The overwhelming majority of Victorians support renewable energy and want to see governments of all stripes cut pollution. Any backward steps on climate will be judged harshly by voters.

“The pandemic has shown us that Victoria isn’t insulated from big global problems, and that includes the climate crisis. We need a comprehensive and credible plan for action from all sides of politics.

“The New South Wales, South Australian and Tasmanian Liberal parties have already realised climate action is a vote winner and adopted policies to encourage investment in renewables – the Victorian Liberal Nationals will need to follow this example if they want to remain competitive,” said Mr La Nauze.


Greg Foyster, Media Manager, 0410879031,