Media Releases | 8th Mar, 2022

Environment Victoria welcomes Victorian Liberal Party’s U-turn on climate

In response to the news that the Victorian Liberal Party will adopt a net-zero emissions target by 2050, Environment Victoria campaigns manager Greg Foyster said:

“Environment Victoria welcomes the Victorian Liberal Party’s new environment and climate change spokesman James Newbury’s support for reaching net zero emissions by 2050, noting the shift is moving the party more in line with community expectations.

“However, the support for a net zero target should be just a starting point for the Victorian Liberal Party. Action in the next decade is what counts, so we hope this is just the first step towards the party backing the Victorian government’s 2030 climate target or even pledging to beat it.

“Bipartisan support for the full suite of Victorian climate policies would give clean energy businesses long term certainty to make investments in renewables in our state that would create jobs and help secure a safer climate.

“The Victorian Liberal Party has a lot of catching up to do if they want to match Victorian Labor’s leadership. Under the Andrews government, renewable energy in Victoria has increased from about 10 percent in 2014 to about 30 percent today, and last Friday the Premier announced a massive new offshore wind target.

“State Liberal governments in NSW, Tasmania and South Australia have proven that conservative parties can show leadership on clean energy investment and setting high renewable energy targets – in fact they need to in order to remain electorally competitive.

“This U-turn is a response to the 2018 state election result when voters resoundingly rejected the Victorian Liberal National platform to scrap most of Victoria’s climate policies and build a new coal or gas power station instead.

“We know that expanding renewable energy investment and infrastructure has overwhelming public support and the vast majority of Victorians want to see their governments take much greater action on climate, whichever party is in charge.

“At a time when we are seeing extreme weather events including devastating fires and floods occurring with increased regularity and ferocity around Australia, Victorian voters expect all political parties to adopt strong, decisive climate policies that will help safeguard our future.”

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