Successes | 6th May, 2022

Building momentum for climate action during the Federal Election

The 2022 Federal election was a huge win for all of us – whether you were involved in a local group, volunteered with a campaign, or talked to your friends and family about climate. And it didn’t happen overnight.

The momentum we saw in the lead up to the election was the result of tireless efforts over the last decade, to build the power of our movement and put climate action firmly on the agenda.

As part of our campaign we helped local communities Local leaders in Gippsland, Ballarat, Westernport and Melbourne’s south-east have take their calls for climate action straight to their local candidates.

They hosted eight big events – rallies, marches and even a bike ride – to show their federal candidates that we all want climate action! You can see some of the highlights here.

They also published open letters in local newspapers across the state. Signed by hundreds of businesses, community groups, schools, sporting clubs and residents, they called on federal candidates to commit to fast, fair climate action (check them out here).

Want more inspiration? Read the stories of some of the many people, community groups and organisations who made all of this possible here.