Media Releases | 22nd May, 2022

Victorians have voted for real action on climate and a just transition this decade

Statement from Jono La Nauze, CEO of Environment Victoria, in response to the 2022 federal election:

Environment Victoria congratulates Anthony Albanese and the Australian Labor Party on winning the 2022 federal election.

We also congratulate the Australian Greens for their best ever result at a Federal election and the successful independent candidates who placed climate action at the centre of their platforms – including Zoe Daniel, Monique Ryan, Allegra Spender, Kylea Tink, Sophie Scamp and Kate Chaney.

This election sends a clear message to the Liberal National Coalition that their weak climate policies and cosying up to the fossil fuel industry are unacceptable to Australians – including in former Liberal heartland seats. 

It shows that any Australian political party that fails to listen to the community on vital issues like the urgent need for climate action and protecting our unique plants and wildlife will be punished at the ballot box.

After years of fires, floods and extreme weather events across the country, this election has seen a huge vote for the environment at a critical time for our nation’s future.

Voters vented their frustration at rising fossil fuel power prices and a government intent on wasting public money on polluting coal and gas industries. Australians clearly want to see action that improves their lives and creates jobs with clean, renewable energy.

The most consistent outcome emerging from this election is voters’ demand for stronger climate action — across both urban and regional electorates.

In the context of the upcoming state election, the federal election outcome sends a clear message to both Dan Andrews and Matthew Guy that Victorian voters are looking for greatly accelerated action on climate. Both parties must commit to a fast and fair transition away from fossil fuels.

For Dan Andrews that means not just resting on his solid track record but building on it.

For Matthew Guy, whilst his stated support for climate action is a good start, voters clearly want substantive policies that show a clear point of difference from his federal party’s position which was little more than smoke and mirrors.

This election is but one milestone in a long journey out of fear and into hope for a better future for our local communities, our state, and our nation.

Today we are grateful for the thousands of volunteers and community-based activists who have worked tirelessly to change the conversation on climate change in Australia leading to this result.



James Norman, Media and Content Manager

Ph: 0451 291 775