Media Releases | 26th May, 2022

Response to 100% renewables Inquiry findings

In response to the parliamentary Inquiry findings handed down today into Renewable Energy in Victoria, Bronya Lipski, Environment Victoria Policy and Advocacy Manager said:

“Transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy is the only thing that will shield Victorians from both unaffordable energy bills and runaway climate change. These findings highlight the opportunity before the Victorian government to cut emissions and help Victorians save money on their power bills.

‘On the back of an election where a record number of Australians voted for climate action, the Inquiry Report emphasizes the depth of support and the scale of opportunity for Victoria if the Andrews government embraces 100% renewable energy.

“Following devastating bushfires and extreme weather events, the Victorian community from Mallacoota to Latrobe Valley to Portland are ready for the energy transition, and the Andrews government can use the Inquiry’s recommendations to speed up the roll out of renewables to 100% by 2030.

“With a federal government now committed to facilitating rather than obstructing the transition, Victoria has the to opportunity ramp up our renewables rollout, provide transition certainty to communities like Latrobe Valley, and prove to the world that our state is both serious and ambitious as a leader in meeting the global challenge to mitigate climate change.

“Both in Victoria and federally following last weekend’s election – it’s increasingly clear that now is the time for fast-tracking the renewable transition. Victoria needs to get on with the job of creating thousands of new direct renewable energy jobs and leaving Victorian households financially better off.

“This Inquiry makes it clear that Victoria must move quickly and boldly to get to 100 percent renewable power this decade – ending new fossil fuel production, eliminating emissions from the transport sector and improving our state’s infrastructure away from gas into clean renewable energy.”

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