Media Releases | 8th Jun, 2022

Response to Australian energy ministers meeting

In response to todays Australia’s energy Ministers meeting, Environment Victoria CEO Jono La Nauze said:

“Finally we appear to be having an adult conversation about the serious and pressing issue of energy transition”

“Today’s announcement is as significant for what it doesn’t contain as for what it does. There were no boondoggles for fossil fuel mates, no pointless political wedges or culture war jabs.”

“Ministers have acknowledged the complexity and the urgency of unhitching our wagon from the bucking bronco of global fossil fuel markets and the climate carnage that comes with it.”

“We look forward to working with energy ministers on the design of a clean capacity market mechanism and a national transition plan to a zero carbon energy system.”

“Ministers must ensure the transition plan supports workers and communities to thrive in a post carbon system.”

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