Media Releases | 2nd Jul, 2022

Response to the Gas Substitution Roadmap release

In response to the Gas Substitution Roadmap released today by the Victorian government, Jono La Nauze, CEO of Environment Victoria said:

“Today’s announcement is a step towards ending Victoria’s dependence on expensive, polluting gas but lacks urgency and leaves a lot of work to be done.

“We welcome the fact that the government will no longer force millions of Victorians to use gas and provide greater support for people to shift to all electric homes to do so – but that really is just the bare minimum.

“After rumours the gas lobby had pressured the government into shelving the roadmap altogether, the fact it has been released is genuine progress, but for a government that talks big on climate, where is the big vision for a gas free Victoria?

“Nobody expects us to get off gas tomorrow but without a clear roadmap we risk repeating the chaotic and costly coal exit we are all enduring today.

“With Victorians already facing extreme gas prices and the recent strong vote for climate action at the federal election, we had hoped and expected the Victorian government to go further towards ending our state’s gas dependence.

“Following the momentum from the strong vote for climate action at the recent federal election, Victorians will expect more decisive, timelined plans to rapidly shift to 100% renewables at the November election.

“The gap left by today’s announcement is an opportunity for Matthew Guy to step up and announce his own bold vision for electrifying Victoria.

“Alarmingly, this roadmap lacks clear goals and timelines and fails to rule out the potential use of dirty fossil hydrogen. A slower transition will leave Victorians vulnerable to drilling under the 12 apostles and giant gas tankers in Port Phillip bay.

“The writing is on the wall that gas is on the way out and we give credit to the government for acknowledging this, but urge them to seize this opportunity with greater confidence and vision.”



Environment Victoria’s response to positive measures outlined in the roadmap:

  • Removing antiquated requirements that forced developers and homeowners to pipe gas into their homes is a welcome move, ending decades of subsidy for the gas industry.
  • The roadmap has stopped short of banning new connections. That means the government is washing its hands of responsibility for ending the growth in gas connections and leaving the decision to big property developers.
  • The shift to the 7-star construction code and removal of plumbing regulations that incentivised gas hot water is a positive step that should lead to new homes that are healthier, warmer and cheaper to run.
  • The new and improved support for household electrification through an overhauled Victorian Energy Upgrades Program is a significant step forward that should help existing home owners enjoy the benefits of cheap clean renewable energy.

However, the Gas Substitution Roadmap falls short of expectations in the following ways:

  • This roadmap lacks clear goals and timelines and fails to rule out the potential use of fossil hydrogen. Gas is responsible for 17% of Victoria’s climate pollution and today’s announcement provides little clarity about when and how that will be eliminated.
  • There is very little good news in this roadmap for low-income households bearing the brunt of gas industry greed. Renters in particular who are already doing it tough this winter are left highly exposed.
  • This roadmap should have included a major and urgent investment in electrification across Victoria, coupled with support to develop local clean industries so we can heat our homes with locally made heaters and hot water services.
  • We note that this roadmap will be revisited so Environment Victoria will be following up to make sure it is strengthened at every opportunity.

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