Successes | 4th Jul, 2022

Successfully pushed for the release of the Victorian government’s Gas Substitution Roadmap

The release of our Gas Free Suburbs briefing paper and supporter actions helped to put getting off gas on the agenda of the Victorian government. Thousands of people across the state wrote to the Premier, Energy Minister and Liberal party opposition calling on them to help Victorians get off gas.

And after years of campaigning and working with allies in the social, consumer advocacy and energy efficiency spaces, we had a big breakthrough in July 2022 with the Victorian government releasing the Gas Substitution Roadmap – a key step on the road to a gas-free state.

The roadmap makes several vital changes. It removes the outdated requirement for new developments to be hooked up to the gas network, and lays out incentives to get households off gas.

You can learn more about the roadmap here

There is still much more to be done, and since its release, we have been working to ensure that the Gas Substitution Roadmap delivers to its full potential and includes more commitments so that Victorian homes – whether owned, rented or social housing – and businesses are off gas and powered by clean energy