Media Releases | 16th Jul, 2022

Environment Victoria's response to Power to the People policy announcement

In response to today’s Power to the People policy announcement from the Victorian Coalition, Environment Victoria CEO Jono La Nauze said: 

“We welcome today’s announcement. Supporting 1 million households to install solar and batteries will cut both Victoria’s climate emissions and the cost of powering our homes.

“Victorians have been waiting for signs of a race to the top on climate policy and finally it looks like we may have one.

“We welcome that the Coalition’s policy prioritises the rental market by doubling the rebate available to landlords. Too many renters are missing out on the benefits of solar and batteries.

“Additionally, the massive boost in support for batteries is a breakthrough that will benefit not just the individual household concerned but the whole energy grid.

“As ageing coal power stations retire, they need to be replaced by a combination of both renewable generation and storage.

“The Coalition’s policy expands the Andrews government’s hugely successful Solar Homes program, supporting households with rebates for both solar and batteries rather than forcing them to choose between the two.

“Installing solar and batteries at the same time makes sense – it saves money and ensures the system is properly integrated.

“To really add value to this investment, solar and batteries need to be connected to efficient electric appliances in homes.

“We urge the Coalition to build on today’s announcement with a significant home energy efficiency and electrification package and a plan to tackle Victoria’s dependence on expensive and polluting gas.

“We also urge the Andrews government to match the Coalition’s announcement with a similar expansion of their hugely successful Solar Homes program.

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