Successes | 14th Aug, 2022

Continued building the momentum for 100% clean energy in Victoria

In 2022 we continued to build the case for a fast and fair energy transition for Victoria.

The release of our Gas Free Suburbs briefing paper and supporter actions helped to put getting off gas on the agenda of the major parties.
Thousands of people across the state wrote to the Premier, Energy Minister and Liberal party opposition calling on them to help Victorians get off gas.

We produced a briefing paper on how Victoria can achieve and benefit from reaching 100% renewable energy by 2030. Released to coincide with the Glasgow climate summit, we sent the paper to 36 federal Members of Parliament across Victoria with personal messages from Victorians around the state.

We also made a joint submission with Beyond Zero Emissions to the parliamentary Inquiry into Renewable Energy in Victoria and appeared at the parliamentary hearings, building the case for a fast and fair energy transition and providing evidence of the economic and jobs benefits of reaching 100% renewables by 2030.