Media Releases | 20th Oct, 2022

Monumental power shift as Victoria announces end of coal by 2035

Environment Victoria welcomes today’s announcement that Victoria will stop burning coal by 2035 and create a publicly owned renewable energy company.

“This is a monumental shift for Victoria that is of national and global significance. Future generations will look back on this moment as a turning point in Australia’s fight for a safe climate” said Environment Victoria’s CEO Jono LaNauze.

“When complete, Victoria will have shifted from having the dirtiest power system in the country to the cleanest, driving down emissions and the cost of energy.

“This is what clean energy leadership looks like – Premier Dan Andrews and Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio have today committed to a once-in-a-generation energy shift.”

Today’s announcement commits Victoria to:

  • Completely ending coal-burning power generation by 2035
  • Increasing the Renewable Energy Target from 50% to 65% by 2030, and 95% by 2035
  • A new emissions reduction target for 2035 of 75-80%
  • Bringing forward the deadline for net zero from 2050 to 2045
  • Putting power generation back in public hands by re-establishing the SEC as a major power generator in Victoria, generating 4.5 GW of clean energy within a decade

“We want to congratulate the many thousands of Victorians who have helped bring this moment about – whether it was lobbying their Members of Parliament, putting solar on their roof or taking to the streets in some of the biggest protests Australia has ever seen.

“In particular, we want to honour the many members of the Latrobe Valley community who have borne the impacts of coal on their health and environment for decades and have been demanding that governments lead an orderly transition to a clean economy.

“Having this clear timeline and the state government re-establishing the SEC will help provide the certainty and confidence to the Latrobe Valley community that has powered our state for a century.

“With today’s announcement, the Victorian government is giving its clearest indication yet that the transition from coal to renewables will be properly planned – in a way that will look after workers and will keep Victoria’s lights on.

“Victoria’s new clean energy roadmap is what energy workers, consumers, climate activists and Latrobe Valley locals have been demanding for decades.

“The Andrews government has today delivered on its promise of clean energy leadership – we call on the Victorian Coalition to step up and match these commitments.”

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