Media Releases | 14th Nov, 2022

Election energy crunch as Libs turbocharge the spin on gas

Victorian Liberal Party leader Matthew Guy’s claims that he will ‘turbocharge gas production and availability’ in Victoria lack credibility and undermine the Liberal party’s previously stated support for rapidly lowering carbon emissions, Environment Victoria said today.

“While we applaud the Victorian Coalition’s commitment to halve Victoria’s emissions by 2030, Matthew Guy’s spruiking of new gas in Victoria undermines the party’s credibility on climate change,” said Environment Victoria CEO Jono La Nauze.

“Talk of expanding gas in Victoria simply doesn’t provide the solution Victorian businesses and households need to lower energy prices and cut emissions.”

“Even if there were commercial quantities of conventional gas available – which there aren’t – it would never be a good deal for Victorians struggling with their energy bills.

“Gas prices have risen by over 22% this year alone and every industry observer will tell you they’re only going to get worse.

“We know that Victorians can save thousands of dollars a year by switching to electricity and even more if they get solar. Instead of unfounded rhetoric about turbocharging gas in Victoria, whichever party wins needs to concentrate on rapidly electrifying Victorian households.

“The focus of the next Victorian government post-election should be on helping Victorian households with electrification subsidies and a plan for social housing to replace gas appliances.

“Electrifying Victorian homes would not only cut energy bills, it would reduce carbon pollution and create thousands of new manufacturing and installation jobs across Victoria.

“The two losers from not supporting households to electrify would be heavy industry, which needs more time to transition, and low income households who can’t afford the upfront costs associated with buying new electric appliances.”

“Victoria needs to accelerate clean, renewable electricity for all – and break our gas addiction.”

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