Media Releases | 21st Nov, 2022

Environment Victoria's election tracker reveals the best and worst climate policies on offer

As we enter the final week of the Victorian election campaign, Environment Victoria has rated the best and worst climate policies of the major parties in a new report released today.

“At the start of this campaign we saw a race to the top with both major parties competing to see who can put more solar panels and batteries on Victorian homes,” said CEO Jono La Nauze.

“That’s a huge shift from just a few years ago and shows how community pressure for action on climate has changed the political debate in Victoria on all sides of politics.

“Looking across what’s on offer from the two major parties, Labor’s plan to replace Victoria’s remaining coal-burning power stations with renewable energy by 2035 is a clear stand out. Importantly it’s backed by plans to build enough wind, solar and batteries to keep the lights on and power prices down.

“Labor’s targets to reduce emissions by up to 80% by 2035 are among the best in the world and shift the conversation beyond low-hanging fruit to the challenges of deep decarbonisation – another profound development.

“The Coalition has come a long way since the last election, and we’re impressed by their plan offering rebates to one million homes to install household batteries.

“Unfortunately this has been undermined by a thought bubble about boosting onshore gas production in Victoria, which is the worst energy policy we’ve seen this election.

“It is deeply disappointing that the Coalition have chosen to stoke a culture war on gas, in full knowledge that their promise will be impossible to implement.

“This is a cynical move that would only serve to delay Victoria’s transition to a clean energy future while failing to address the very real cost of living pressures faced by many Victorians.

“The Victorian Greens have consistently championed climate ambition in our state, and they’re the only party with a timeline to close coal by 2030, in line with what’s needed to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees.

“The Greens also have the best policy on gas. Their plan will help households switch to efficient electric appliances, ban new gas connections by 2025, and stop all new gas extraction or import terminals in Victoria,” said Mr La Nauze.

“With so many independent and teal candidates also making stronger climate policies a centrepiece of their election pitch, it’s clear the next Victorian government will have a strong mandate to slash pollution this decade, whoever wins office.”

Download the Victorian election climate policy tracker

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