Media Releases | 2nd Feb, 2023

Environment Victoria renews calls to help households get off gas as price hikes hit

As Victorian homes face up to a whopping 25 per cent increase in gas prices this week, Environment Victoria has renewed calls to the Victorian government to break the state’s addiction to polluting gas.

“Victorian households are struggling under devastating cost of living increases – while massive, polluting gas companies continue to reap record profits,” said Environment Victoria’s Climate Campaign Manager Sarah Rogan.

“The Victorian government must offer urgent support to all Victorians, including renters and public and social housing residents facing the prospect of a looming winter with skyrocketing gas bills. This will mean addressing the upfront costs of switching to efficient electric appliances by implementing zero-interest loans, and offering subsidies and rebates.

“Victorian households are the most reliant of all Australian states on gas meaning they are the most severely impacted by price rises. Yet we know that Victorian households can get off gas and be powered with cheap, clean renewable energy – saving money and our health.

“Gas currently accounts for around 17% of Victoria’s climate pollution, but it is the most expensive source of power in our energy network.

“The Victorian government has already made some promising moves towards transitioning away from gas – in particular its Gas Substitution Roadmap.

“However the Roadmap currently lacks clear goals and timelines that reflect the urgency of the clean energy transition required nor the daily reality facing Victorian households still hooked up to gas.

“The solution is rapidly getting households off gas – heating our homes and cooking our meals with modern, efficient appliances powered by renewable energy. With the right plans and policies all Victorian households can get off gas.

“In the wake of skyrocketing increases in gas bills, the Andrews government must step up now to help Victorian households get off gas, saving our health and cutting bills.”

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