Blog | 14th Apr, 2023

Mass fish kill explained - what's really behind the crisis in the Murray-Darling?

In March 2023, millions of dead fish floated to the surface of the Darling-Baaka in Menindee, NSW – carpeting the river in a blanket of white. 

It’s even worse than the mass fish kills in 2018-2019, that made international headlines. It’s devastating for the local Menindee community, and especially for Traditional Owners who’ve cared for these waters over tens of thousands of years.

But this isn’t a just crisis for the Darling-Baaka. It’s a crisis for the whole Murray Darling river system that’s being exploited, mismanaged + bled dry.

So what has gone wrong – and how do we fix it? Watch this video to find out:

The solution

For too long, the rivers of the Murray-Darling have been exploited for profit and bled dry.

Now, every disaster and every year our politicians waste time addressing these issues, our rivers become less resilient – and less able to bounce back. With the next drought around the corner, we cannot afford any more delays.

To prevent another mass fish kill, we need to make sure rivers have the water they need – starting with purchasing it from people who want to sell it.

Call on the Victorian government to get on board and support a healthy river for us all.

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