Blog | 30th Aug, 2023

Get involved with the YES campaign

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At this year’s referendum, we have the chance to take a collective step forward for First Nations justice.  

Voting YES means YES to truth-telling, YES to transformative change and YES to a society where First Nations people are respected, listened to and have the power to make decisions about their lives. 

The next few months are going to be key to getting everyone on board to push forward this momentum – and we need as many voices speaking up as possible. Environment Victoria is going to be getting active in our communities, making support for YES visible in our streets and towns and having conversations with people who are unsure about their vote. We’d would love for you to get involved.  

Sign up below to get involved, or scroll down to find more resources to help you show your support, like yard signs and conversation guides.

1. Join a calling party to have powerful conversations

Together with our friends at the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), we’re hosting online calling parties every Tuesday and Thursday – all the way to the referendum date on October 14. Join us to have powerful conversations about the Voice referendum, and help build support for a YES vote!

We know that conversations are the tipping point for winning referendums. Marriage equality was won with millions of conversations across the country — and that’s what we must do now. You’ll get all the support and resources you need to have impactful conversations, including a conversation guide and space to ask tricky questions.

Sign up to join a calling party

2. Sign up to volunteer on polling day

Research shows many people don’t make up their mind until they cast their vote on referendum day. You can help give undecided voters the information they need to cast their vote as this crucial moment for First Nations Justice, by manning a polling booth.

If you live in Melbourne – sign up here 

If you live somewhere else in Vic – sign up here

3. Watch the recording of our webinar to learn more about the Voice and how it relates to protecting our environment and climate

Want to know more about the Voice and how it relates to environment and climate justice? We had an incredible panel of First Nations leaders join our webinar on September 27, who shared what this moment and the Voice mean to them.

watch the webinar

Corflutes, stickers and posters

Yes23 have downloadable/printable versions of all their campaign resources here >>

Or you can get yard signs, stickers and other merchandise via their online shop here >>

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria also have a bunch of downloadable/printable posters and social media tiles on here >>


Conversation and message guides

Passing the Message Stick have done great research into what messages can build support for First Nations self-determination and a YES vote at the referendum. 

Download their conversation guide here >>

Watch this webinar recording to learn more >> 

Find the whole suite of resources here >>



First Nations justice FAQ

We’ve put together this FAQ on the Voice referendum, and why First Nations justice is so important to the work of climate and environment organisations like Environment Victoria.

Read more here >>

Further reading


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Decolonising Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles by Clare Land.

Support First Nations media:

Indigenous X – a 100% Indigenous owned and operated media, consultancy and training organisation that platforms content by First Nations authors.

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Koori Mail – a fortnightly newspaper reporting on the issues that matter to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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