Successes | 12th Sep, 2023

Our Action Network builds community support for getting off gas

In Victoria gas use peaks during Winter. Through our Action Network volunteers, Environment Victoria seized the moment to have hundreds of conversations with communities all over Victoria about the supports they need to ditch gas go all-electric.

Throughout the depths of winterour volunteers spoke to a whopping 582 Victorians from Bairnsdale to Clunes, Dandenong to Hastings, and many other towns and regional areas around the state – about the rising costs and health impacts of using gas in our homes.

Out of those surveyed, 83 per cent said they support getting Victoria off gas by 2035, with many emphasising the support the state government should be providing Victorians to switch to electric appliances, especially for low-income households and renters. Through these surveys and a Gas Briefer report, we managed to get these stories out into mainstream media.