Reports | 5th Oct, 2023

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Economics inquiry into Residential Electrification

One of the best contributions the federal government can make in the phase out of methane gas and wide-scale electrification is to provide financial support to the states and territories. This will assist in the longevity of state and territory programs to phase out gas use, and clearly signal to both renewable energy investors and the electric appliance manufacturing sector that Australia is serious about phasing out polluting fossil fuels.

Our submissions details 8 key recommendations:

1. The federal government develop a national policy to phase out domestic gas use, to achieve household electrification, and provide financial support to assist states and territories to achieve this.
2. The Australian Energy Regulator amends the length of access arrangements to facilitate gas distribution revenue adjustments to reflect decommissioning of the gas network.
3. AEMO should include additional scenarios in its Integrated System Plans to reflect different rates of household electrification uptake.
4. The federal government provide financial support for state and territory skills training and workforce development.
5. The federal government should work with its state and territory colleagues to audit the number of gas appliances in Australia.
6. The federal government provide financial support to states and territories to assist people facing a high-cost barrier to achieve household electrification.
7. The federal government consider introducing a range of financial and tax incentives for landlords to replace gas appliances with efficiency electric alternatives.
8. The federal government contributes to a national education campaign to help the Australian community understand the benefits of household electrification.

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