Successes | 18th Nov, 2023

Environment Victoria looks to Dandenong for climate leadership

This year Environment Victoria launched a new project in the Dandenong region, one of the most culturally diverse parts of Victoria.

To win a faster and fairer transition from polluting coal, oil and gas to clean energy, we need leadership and participation from all parts of the community. But multicultural voices are often sidelined or missing entirely.

So, by connecting with and listening to these communities and supporting new leaders, our aim is to bring more voices, collaboration and skills together to speak up for climate action.

A key part of this work saw Environment Victoria appoint a new community organiser, Tony Fretton, who will focus on the greater Dandenong region. Tony brings a wealth of local knowledge and networks, as well as experience in engagement, advocacy and a track record of working with multicultural communities.

“I am excited for the opportunity to engage and build on work already started by volunteers in the City of Greater Dandenong with Multicultural leaders and their communities,” said Tony Fretton. 

“It is a great responsibility and honour to help facilitate conversations, listening to stories and work in partnership in supporting and building the environment movement from more perspectives that help inform and shape the work we all do at Environment Victoria.”

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