Blog | 28th Nov, 2023

We asked Victorians what they think about methane gas … here’s what they said

Environment Victoria volunteers have been on the streets talking to their communities about methane gas.

From Bairnsdale to Ballarat, Clunes to Creswick, Moe to Mornington. We talked with Victorians at shopping strips, libraries and sporting clubs, via doorknocking homes, including social housing, and at train stations, markets and local events across the state. We had well over 500 conversations.

The responses were decisive. 83% of people we spoke to supported Victoria switching away from gas by 2035.

We then gathered these stories in a short report that we sent to Victorian MPs, you can read it here >>

see the full briefing paper here


Many Victorians we spoke to shared dramatic stories of gas leaks and explosions, asthma and respiratory problems, gas bill shock and stress from rising costs, and growing concern about climate impacts hitting locally and around the world.

Lynne shared how carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas heater had affected her and her daughter, read her story here >> While other people like Liz shared how they were already going all-electric, read her story here >>



People’s main concerns about gas were:

  • 80% concerned about climate pollution from gas
  • 56% concerned about gas companies making record profits at the expense of everyday people
  • 54% concerned about the health impacts of burning gas in our homes
  • 61% concerned about rising gas bills


It is clear there is support for transitioning off gas, but targeting incentives are needed to support people in different living situations and with different means.

Many of the 119 renters surveyed pointed to the urgent need for solutions targeting landlords and rental properties, including creating new rules and incentives for landlords to electrify properties

The following quotes show some of the key themes that arose in our conversations:

“Supported independent living facilities for the disabled, mentally ill and elderly often have gas appliances. I would like to see these places supported to transition to efficient electric appliances for the safety of residents and staff.” 

“More incentives for landlords to switch from gas to electricity.” 

“Better targeting of incentives and rebates so that they actually encourage electric uptake rather than just like for like replacement.”

what’s next?

The Victorian government’s Gas Substitution Roadmap and decision that new homes requiring a planning permit must be all-electric from 2024 is a good base to build from, yet to match the scale of the energy and climate crises Victorians face right now, the plan needs to go further.

The revised Gas Substitution Roadmap, due in November 2023, must have strong goals and timelines for electrification, and ensure Victorians can access affordable and renewable alternatives to methane gas.

It’s critical work, but we can’t do it without you. Pressure your MP to support a fair renewable energy transition today by letting your MP know how important this is to you and your community.

Want Victoria to ditch gas? Let your MP know today!

The Victorian government is updating its plans to get Victoria off gas, so this is critical moment to show community support for bold action.

So make sure your MP doesn’t miss the memo, let them know you want an ambitious plan to get Victoria off gas.

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