Reports | 2nd Feb, 2024

Submission to Victorian Government consultation on Waste to Energy system

Our feedback on the proposed Waste to Energy (WtE) Scheme regulations and Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS).

The Victorian Government are looking to alter laws and regulations for Victoria’s waste, recycling and resource recovery sector. Environment Victoria provided feedback on the proposed regulations and Regulatory Impact Statement.

Waste to Energy (WtE) destroys materials and removes them from the economy: it is not ‘circular’. The fact that WtE provides some energy and can compare favourably to landfill is little consolation, and it is disappointing that the Victorian Government seeks to both expand and entrench WtE.

With regards to this consultation, it is clear that the WtE scheme has been designed in the interests of operators. It has been designed such that all risks are borne by the environment and the public. Furthermore, there are no mechanisms to ensure that any potential benefits to the energy system or the climate can be harnessed.

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