action-story | 17th Dec, 2020

Meg Montague: Planting seeds of hope

Meg is part of a thriving local neighbourhood community, championing sustainable living. Over the years they bulk bought water tanks, solar panels, did energy audits and planted native gardens around the local station and on their nature strips.

During Covid, they have grown even closer, exchanging seeds, vegetables, gardening tools and tips and are looking out for each other. While the impact of the pandemic is devastating for many, Meg has witnessed the power of communities banding together and responding collectively to an emergency.

“It’s time for building a better Victoria, with strong climate action, social justice, healthy rivers and protected old growth forest!”

Meg is deeply concerned about climate change. “If we do not act now and cut our dependency on fossil fuel, there will be no forest, flora or fauna to safeguard in the future.” But she’s hopeful that communities can lead the way on climate change and a more sustainable Victoria. Her local council Darebin for example declared a climate emergency in 2019.

Meg believes we all have a role to play in protecting our environment and becoming a more sustainable and just society. Be it by living more sustainably, taking collective action, getting involved in your local government activities or by leaving a gift in your Will, we all need to focus and support the next generation. She has decided to leave a gift in her Will to Environment Victoria, as a seed of hope. “I wanted to make sure the little I had would go towards the next generation and protect our gorgeous state.”

Make a future gift through your Will

By leaving a legacy to Environment Victoria in your Will, you can safeguard our environment long after you’re gone. Your legacy is your chance to express your most cherished values and make a lasting commitment to creating a Victoria that’s Forever Green.