action-story | 10th Oct, 2019

Sarina is a planet angel!

My family has always been the outdoors type, with millions of sports games every weekend and lots of exciting bushwalking and camping expeditions during school holidays. As a family we have always had a focus on ensuring a zero footprint whenever we go camping or bushwalking. When at home, we make an effort to reduce our waste, by using reusable containers, having zero waste school lunches and composting food scraps and recycling.

As a result of my adventures in nature, I grew to be more and more mindful and passionate about our beautiful environment and its inhabitants. Over this time, I became increasingly aware of the global pollution crisis and the harm that this inflicts on our planet. At 14, with this knowledge and my passion and in the hope that both my older self and future generations will live a more sustainable and harmonious lifestyle with our planet, I decided to launch my business, Planet Angels.

At Planet Angels we aim to make sustainable choices accessible and affordable to everyone, so that people can choose to live a more ethical, eco-friendly and plastic free lifestyle. Planet Angels also aims to help raise awareness with as many Australians as possible and support them to take simple and easy steps to reduce our negative impact on the environment without breaking the bank.

My first objective with Planet Angels was to get rid of plastic/single use straws and the first product I launched was reusable stainless-steel straws. I am constantly adding more fabulous eco-friendly products and expanding the range and help our community make the right choices for the environment.

The biggest highlight of my journey so far, from an environmental perspective would be realising that making the switch from disposables to reusables is easier than expected and I now no longer feel the need to buy ‘everyday’ plastic products. There are so many simple alternatives.

I have been slowly reducing all my plastic bathroom products and I just can’t believe how much space I now have in my bathroom cupboard! Also, I am constantly researching environmental issues and tips for my blogs and I love sharing my new learnings and ideas with my like mined community and gaining feedback from them.

From a business perspective, I love that I am constantly learning so many amazing things about starting and running a business as a 14-year-old. It’s been so much fun, with so many successes and failures that have enabled me to continuously grow. I am so excited to see where this goes!

I would happily encourage all kids to find the things they love and work hard every day to make their dreams happen. You’re never too young to make a difference…. or own a business.

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