action-story | 13th Dec, 2017

Steve Zodiac: Author and DIY champion

I was born in London and came to the great south land with my family in ’64. My parents worked in factories and I grew up next to the Shell oil refinery in Corio (they would pump up the flame at night when we couldn’t see the smoke).

Since reading ‘Silent spring’ at 16 years of age wilderness had a place in my heart and life was taken to the limit on motorcycles, then hang gliders and finally yachts … oceans of islands were left in my wake.

I was trained by Telstra and put in an office but that didn’t work out, then studied biochemistry and loved it, worked for mining companies and hated it – but they paid good money for very average people!

By the half century I was semi-retired on a nice bush block not far from Federation Uni where I studied, then I went back and completed the BA in Humanities in order to write the book I’ve been working on for 13 years, it’s about the philosophy for a new age of minimalism.

I have built my low tech off grid home entirely from recycled materials, for less than ten grand, and that’s the story that needs to-be shared with young people today and I’m keen to help young people make a difference with their own actions.

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