Tell the EPA to protect our water from toxic coal ash

Send your message to EPA CEO, Lee Meizis and ask him to create guidelines that will protect our waterways and the community from toxic coal ash pollution.

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For years, Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has allowed big polluters like AGL and Energy Australia to operate their coal power stations without strong regulations to prevent water contamination and serious health risks from coal ash dams. It’s time to change that!

We’re asking the EPA to develop guidelines to make sure coal mine operators do everything they can to limit harmful pollution from coal ash dams.

We’re supporting Friends of Latrobe Valley Water and Environmental Justice Australia who have just launched a report, When the Ash Settles: Cleaning up Latrobe Valley’s toxic coal ash, detailing the extent of the issue and the steps we need to protect our waterways. You can help make sure we’re heard, by emailing the head of the EPA.

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