Bypass Scott Morrison on climate...

*BREAKING* - we made our $100,000 matched target! Thank you so much to everyone who donated. The campaign is still running so please make your gift now.

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If Australia waits for Scott Morrison to get serious about climate change, we’ll be waiting far too long. But Victoria can do what the Federal government won’t – to protect our climate and environment.

Your gift will go towards:

  1. Commissioning expert analysis to show how quickly we can replace coal with renewables
  2. Ramping up the pressure for Victoria’s coal power stations to bring forward their closure dates
  3. Building a state-wide alliance of local climate leaders demanding change
  4. Supporting a community-led plan for key industries and communities affected by the closure of coal power stations
  5. Using political pressure to get our power grid ready for 100% renewables

Together we can bypass Canberra on climate action, and phase out coal in Victoria by 2030.

Thank you for your support.