Call on Dunkley candidates to champion leadership on climate change

Send a message to all the candidates in the Dunkley byelection and make sure they know that our community wants strong federal leadership on climate policy.

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The Dunkley electorate is heading to polls this Saturday, and this is our chance to make sure that EVERY candidate knows that the community backs leadership on climate.

Climate change is impacting us now. In Dunkley has been hit by several rainstorms in the past year which have overwhelmed infrastructure and flooded homes. And we know that the worst is yet to come.

Rising sea levels mean that our wetland rich region will become increasingly saline, which will damage and forever change our natural environment. Storms, drought and urban heat waves will become more frequent and severe. And it’s the poorest, the young and the elderly who will experience these impacts the hardest.

Climate change is a cost of living issue. Climate change is a housing issue. Climate change is an issue that is starting to impact all of our lives.  

But with leadership from the federal government – to rapidly cut emissions and ensure our housing and infrastructure can cope with what’s to come – we can ensure that people are given the best opportunity to thrive.

If you want to know where the local candidates stand on all aspects of climate policy, check out the responses to our candidate survey here >>