Speak up against coal to hydrogen!

It’s the zombie coal project you’ve never heard of. A group of Japanese companies want to build a ‘gasification plant’ to extract hydrogen from BROWN COAL and then ship it to Japan through the Port of Hastings.


‘Gasifying’ brown coal is literally the most polluting way you can make hydrogen. And if it goes full-scale it could spew out the equivalent of 550,000 petrol cars every year!


The Latrobe Valley has seen lots of wacky plans to repurpose Victorian brown coal come and go. Invariably they have all failed, and this is the final zombie coal project that we need to stop.


The Victorian government weighing up whether to support this project, and we need to speak up!

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Have you heard about the harebrained scheme to turn Victorian brown coal into hydrogen and export it to Japan!?

This process of ‘gasifying’ brown coal is literally the most polluting way you can make hydrogen. The pilot project used a whopping 150 tonnes of coal to make just one tonne of hydrogen.

And if it goes full-scale it could spew out more than 3 million tonnes of carbon pollution. That’s the equivalent of adding over 550,000 petrol cars to the road! 

The companies involved, J-POWER and Sumitomo corporation, are saying they need more public money to get a full-scale project off the ground, so we need every Victorian MP to know that the community opposes this plan.

Will you ask your local Victorian MP to rule out further support for this dirty coal project? 

There’s one final element that’ll make your skin crawl. There’s very little interest from the existing coal mine operators in hosting this project, so it’s possible they’ll have to dig a NEW brown coal mine in the Latrobe Valley, which the government hasn’t ruled out. 

J-POWER and Sumitomo corporation are also making outrageous claims their project is ‘clean’ based on a promise they’ll capture and bury the carbon pollution (CCS). But we’ve seen this time and again.

Their promise to use CCS is at best far-fetched and at worst, a cynical ploy to greenwash a dirty new fossil fuel project. You can read more about why their claims don’t stack up in our post here >>