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Make sure they protect us from toxic coal pollution.

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We’re taking the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Victoria’s three remaining coal power station owners to court!

Why? Because the EPA hasn’t been doing its job to protect us from the pollution that spews out of coal-burning power stations every day. And that’s not good enough.

Coal-burning power stations are by far the biggest cause of climate change in our state, responsible for 40 percent of Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions. They’re also the biggest single source of toxic air pollution, including sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, fine particle pollution and mercury.

The EPA could have protected the community and required the same pollution controls required in the US and Europe. But they chose not to.

The EPA also has the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions through annual limits or emissions intensity standards in the operating licences. Again, they chose not to.

Victorians deserve an Environment Protection Authority that has the guts to put the health of our community and our climate above the interests of big polluters.

Together with you and our amazing lawyers, Environmental Justice Australia, we’ll make that happen.

Join our case and fight the EPA’s shocking decision in court with a gift today.

By donating to the campaign via this page Environment Victoria may share your details with Environmental Justice Australia for the purposes of keeping you updated on this case and other aspects of their work. Thank you for your support.