Stop the gas industry polluting our environment and homes

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If the gas industry gets its way this year, the ‘little blue flame’ will become Victoria’s big pollution problem, creating almost half of Victoria’s emissions.

Our climate will be wrecked, our health will be at risk, and our energy bills will sky-rocket.

The gas industry needs to be stopped now, before it’s too late.

But this year, we have a golden opportunity to end this fight once and for all:

This year, our government will decide the path Victoria takes through a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) that’s happening in a few months. Whether Victoria commits to phasing out gas – making it easier and more affordable for everyone to electrify their homes – or if we are locked in for decades more.

To ensure the government makes the right decision for our climate and families, your tax-deductible donation today will help:

  • Produce expert research into the benefits of clean energy, instead of gas, to share with everyone in Victoria – including government.
  • Mobilise thousands of Victorians across the state to take powerful actions, like engaging with their local MPs, to show undeniable demand for phasing out gas.
  • Fight back against the cashed-up gas industry’s misinformation and marketing, by exposing their greenwashing through social media, newspaper ads, petitions, community events, and more.

The gas industry won’t like it, they’ll fight tooth and nail top protect their businesses. But what’s more important? Their profits, or our future?

Environment Victoria is a fiercely independent and non-partisan charity. We are here to hold governments and companies to account. And we can only do it because we are 100% funded by caring people like you.

With precious ecosystems and our climate on the line, there’s no time to waste.

Thank you for your generous support.