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Support a fast and fair transition to 100% renewables

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Climate damage is harming our wildlife, communities and future generations. But the action we take this decade will decide our future. 

The government has taken some good steps to roll out clean energy, but they’re under the influence of big coal and gas industry who are slowing down the transition to prolong their mega-profits.  

The transition has started, but we must bring every person and community along with it. Otherwise we’ll face more roadblocks that slow down progress, and put our climate, environment and vulnerable communities are at risk.

Your gift today will help fix that, by making sure Victoria’s government is committed to ‘Clean Energy for All’. You can help secure a fast and fair plan to phase out coal-burning power and reach 100% renewables by 2030.

Your urgent gift will help to:

  1. Run targeted events and eye-catching community actions so no politician can ignore our climate and environment policy demands.
  2. Train and support local leaders around Victoria to develop & run effective people-powered campaigns where they live.
  3. Fund polling and expert analysis to conduct effective, targeted campaigns in newspapers, online and on social media.
  4. Provide a suite of resources for on-the-ground groups across the state to loudly voice our demands.

With your support Victoria can commit to a fast and fair transition to 100% renewables before it’s too late – and put an end to climate-wrecking fossil fuels in our state.