MasterChef, drop your dodgy gas sponsorship!

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We love MasterChef, but the destructive fossil fuel industry is ruining all our fun by using the show to cook and serve their dodgy lies about ‘renewable’ gas and hydrogen.


Send MasterChef a message today that you want them to lead by example and drop their greenwashing partnership with their fossil fuel sponsor, the Australian Gas Network.  

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For 13 seasons MasterChef has been a household staple, and one of Australia’s most beloved TV programs. From Poh’s incredible creations, appearances from Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, and an incredible fusion of all-around yum food.  

But this season the gas industry is using MasterChef to greenwash their pollution! 

Victorians are electrifying at record pace, turning to clean, renewable energy sources. In the UK, Italy, Denmark, Singapore and Spain MasterChef has taken the opportunity to show audiences how good cooking with efficient modern electric appliances really is.   

But here in Australia, powerful industry fossil fuel group the Australian Gas Networks are paying MasterChef big bucks to try and stall progress away from polluting methane gas to protect their huge profits. The industry is using MasterChef to spread dodgy claims about gases like hydrogen and bio-methane, lying to audiences that these can be used in our gas network. The gas industry is taking MasterChef for a ride and ruining all our fun.   

Let’s stir things up by telling MasterChef Australia to drop their partnership with the fossil fuel industry!  

We know that Hydrogen and Biomethane in our networks is nothing but a pipe dream. 

We’ll never make enough biomethane to be more than a tiny fraction (10%) of our current gas use and hydrogen, as well as being far too expensive for household use, would require a complete overhaul of the gas network and replacement of every gas appliance in our homes. 

It’s nothing but a cynical industry tactic to preserve their massive profits by trying to delay progress that would make clean, affordable, electric appliances more accessible for everyone.  

We’re not going to let them whisk this away, when it’s a recipe for climate disaster! Join us in asking MasterChef to drop this bad egg.    

The solution to cutting pollution, protecting our health and lowering bills is already available – clean, efficient electric appliances. It is more important than ever for MasterChef to stand up to the gas industry and refuse to help them glaze over the damage gas does to our health and environment.  

P.S. Share this petition with friends, family and your fellow MasterChef fans to spread the message that greenwashing doesn’t belong in our kitchens!